Art of Children

English Setter Morey with Sisters by Chris Duke

This large oil painting was a monster to finish. It was on my... read more

Nancy Slaymaker and her Two Sons by Chris Duke

By the time I finished this painting, the boys were older and... read more

Jenna and Madison on Path by Chris Duke

I love this painting more as the years pass. I did three... read more

Katie, Kayla and Scarlett Salls by Chris Duke

It was wonderful that Katie agreed to be painted with her... read more

Tory Hart by Chris Duke

Tory has a gentle, steady sensibility. I love this painting.... read more

Nicholas and Charlotte Marvin by Chris Duke

Nicholas and Charlotte’s mom Jill had the wonderful idea to... read more

Zoe in 2004 by Chris Duke

This is an early painting of my husband’s granddaughter, Zoe... read more

Zach in 2004 by Chris Duke

I painted my husband's grandson Zachary when he was small,... read more

Violet and Grandpa by Chris Duke

This painting captures Violet’s enduring attention when she... read more

Jenna and Madison with Bubbles by Chris Duke

I love the magic quietude of this painting. Little girls... read more

Jenna and Madison on Swing by Chris Duke

Painting these little girls was a delight. The mystery within... read more

Portrait of Zoe by Chris Duke

This is my definitive portrait of Zoe. Boy, do I like it.

Abby and Tory Hart with Eshy

It is always interesting to view my paintings from past years... read more

Allie at Four by Chris Duke

One of my few outdoor scenes, this painting takes full... read more

Judy and Lauren Ducci by Chris Duke

My client Judy requested a painting of her and her daughter... read more

Madison at 19 Months by Chris Duke

This is a small paint sketch I felt compelled to do.

Nancy and her Sons Colin and William by Chris Duke

This is a paint sketch for a piece I have yet to paint. I... read more

Sara and Morgan Hunter by Chris Duke

One of my first oil portraits, this painting of my first... read more

Zoe in the Tuileries Garden by Chris Duke

In this small paint sketch it was fun to transpose Zoe in her... read more

Torie and Cassie Duke by Chris Duke

My nieces were very serious on the day I drew them. After... read more

Violet in Grandpa's Arms by Chris Duke

This is a quick study of my husband and his granddaughter... read more